Size Guide

How to measure kids’ shoes size?

Kiddie Kobbler Westboro is passionate about kids and kids shoes. Every day we are helping hundreds of parents to find the right fit of the shoe they fell in love with online or in store.

Here at Kiddie Kobbler Westboro we know that fitting isn’t just about measuring the length of your child’s foot, but also takes into consideration many other factors including width, growing room, support and purpose of the shoes just to name a few!

For the best fit and maximum comfort we have provided you with an individual Shoes Size Guide.

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  1. Draw a straight line down a piece of paper. Put the paper on a hard floor by a wall.
  2. Get them to stand with their heel against the wall and their longest toe on the line. Mark the line at the tip of the longest toe. Measure both feet – one will be longer!
  3. Measure the distance between the wall end of the paper and the furthest toe mark in cm, then use our printable Shoes Size Guide. to find their shoe size.